Luke's free webpage stuff

Look!  More free webspace!  Here are some of my pictures.  I also have some webspace at UNH.

Picture credits go to Lee Passavia, Martin Saul, and others.

1.  Ecuador Pics:

Mart & I atop Cayambe:


Naki on summit of Cotopaxi:


Martin demonstrating Ecua-technique on Cotopaxi:

A small piece of the view from Cayambe:

Fast asleep at Ventimilla summit (6270m) on Chimborazo.  Note Whymper summit in the background (6310m) :

Penitentes near the Chimborazo summit:

Special thanks to all our sponsors and the US Peace Corps for your assistance in this expedition!

2. Skiing Pics:

Caribou, CO:  

Mart spinning, backcountry near A. Basin, CO

What sketchy trick is this I'm doing?

3. France:

Ronan, I, and the wardrobe of Jon & I                        Wow-  Ceuse, France.  

Here's me on 3 routes:  The crux of something at Ceuse, Hale-Bopp in Fontainbleau, and Rose des Sables in Buoux.

Hey wait- that's not French limestone!  Here I am at an undisclosed location working a route.

4. The Nose:

Jon leads up the great roof -    The view straight down from one pitch above camp 5.

The man who dragged me up the nose:

5. How much more space will they give me?

"Rosy Crucifixion", Eldorado Canyon

  Thanks for stopping by!   Cheers!